so i like art

school is great. actually it's not. it's basically hell. all my professors decided that everything is due in the next couple weeks. so i'm loving life.
anywho...i'm currently trying to put my portfolio together for my visual arts application. i'm applying for the graphic design program. and also the studio art program. and if i don't get into either program...well maybe i'll just drop out of school.

ok i'm done rambling. here's some of my art from this semester. i have a lot, so these are just the ones i liked the most. feel free to take a gander, pick your favorites. maybe let me know.
i have to narrow my portfolio down to my 10 best pieces. so your help would be massively appreciated.
(also, steal my art and i will hunt you down. literally.)




i'm not really one to be blogging about this kind of shiz. in fact, lately i'm not even one to blog at a frequent rate. buuuut, it's hitting me hard like a giant rock hitting my whole body and i just felt the need to complain to the cyberworld.

guys....i'm single and i actually, kind of really hate it. for the past couple years, i haven't really cared that i was single. i was fine with it. i accepted it. i had multiple crushes on multiple boys, and i was fine that probably nothing would ever happen between me and these boys. these feelings went on for two whole years (twenty, if you count my whole life of never being in any sort of relationship...ha). and then my junior year of college happened. and part of it also might be that i go to byu, where i'm pretty sure 90% of girls are married by age 20. i plan to NOT be one of these girls, but obviously i have to date someone before i get married, right? but i think i've caught some kind of byu disease and it's slightly difficult to overcome. i'm sick, cough cough. ANYWHO...within like the first month of this semester, all of my closest friends had boyfriends/boys, and then i'm just over here like "i love food..." (c/o pinterest quotes).

and i'm like really happy for my friends. they all seem super happy and in love and what not. but then i get jealous of this love that's going around and sometimes i'm like "well who am i gonna hang out with?" and i usually find people. i have other people. but sometimes i like hanging out with them. but then i can't...but it's fine.

and then i gave it more thought. i'm pretty sure i'm single because i'm really picky. not just like really picky, but like REALLY picky. i kind of really only want to date guys that ski. i've been this way since i could drive myself up to snowbird. but it also just can't be any guy that skis. he has to #getatmylevel or be better then me. cause i like a challenge. i hate waiting for people. i like skiing hard things. sorry i'm not sorry that i'm really good at skiing. actually i'm not...well i am. BUT I JUST WANT A FREAKING GUY TO SHRED THE SLOPES WITH. IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK FOR?
i'd also prefer them to be tall. and funny. and somewhat intelligent. and preferably attractive.

SO...tall, funny, attractive, smart boy that is super good at skiing, if you're out there, feel free to get at me.


life at the lodge

freak...i'm the worst blogger ever. oh well.
i'm like two, maybe three weeks into my junior year at byu and so far it's been a pretty good time.
i love my apartment, my roommates, my ward, my classes (well just my art classes), just like everything i guess. it's been fun meeting new people (even though i'm horrible at remembering names) and it's been even more fun seeing friends from my last two years at the Y.
as i've mentioned months ago, i've declared my major.  right now i'm in the graphic design pre-major program and i'm planning on applying for the legit program this november. i'm nervous and excited and can't wait to see what'll be in store for me. i'm currently taking the core art classes for the major and i already love my classes. especially 2D design. we just do all the kind of art i like doing. my drawing class is a struggle but i still enjoy it. basically i just feel legit carrying my art portfolio around campus because i'm an "art student" now.
my roommates are the shiz. we're all super chill and get along almost too well. our apartment it great and we've deemed it "the lodge" because it has sort of a cabin/hunting feel to it. which is almost too perfect because i have so many wolf pictures, posters, mirrors, blankets, etc. so i can finally put some good use into them. we also have a N64. so that brings over frequent house guests into the late hours of the night.
anywho...college is a good time and i feel like the rest of this year will just be really legit and what not.
ALSO BIG NEWS. i'm getting real, live, prescription glasses this week. (i've always wanted glasses, so i wear fake ones, and but now i actually need real ones, so i'm kind of really excited.)

i achieved adulthood and became a member of costco
we bought a butt load of groceries
tiffany got married
the roommates (from the top and left to right: jessie, julie, sarah, me)
sarah and i out for a late night stroll
drawing class
rooftop concert series: fictionist
our living room
a little preview of our flapjacks and flannel housewarming party


tiffany's bridal shower

i've thrown a couple harry potter parties (like this one) and since then throwing parties has been sort of a passion of mine. at least the decorating part. i love decorating for parties. sometimes i get a little out of control, but it's all good fun. anywho...i've been dying to throw some kind of party this summer, and the opportunity came up when my good friend tiffany (whom i met on my study abroad to paris last fall...can't believe it's almost been a year since i left for paris!) got engaged. a few weeks ago she had randomly texted me. we got to catching up. we were reminiscing about paris and how we missed everyone.  and it hit me that i could throw a reunion/bridal shower! so i did. here are some pictures. i wish i had gotten some better ones, but it started raining to we had to move the party inside. but we still had a good time and it was fun seeing everyone. and we missed anyone who couldn't make it!


life lately

bike rides with my sister
buns of steel workouts with pool time rewards

portraits of me by my baby brother
ukulele jamming
new running shoes
harry potter rereads
new iphone cases and jeans
xbox at crown burger
family pictures
new clothes
ryan came to visit
my lil' bro be cray cray